The Power of Partnership

Linked in July 2016


In today’s modern world, experts have suggested that leveraging one or more strategic partnership is essential to any business plan. Collaborating with another business helps to fill any gaps in expertise that your current offering may have.

No business, big or small, can achieve its fullest potential by working alone. Think of it as adding another string to your bow – another reason for clients and customers to choose your service.

Elecosoft are reaching out to partner with software and service providers across the UK. Could your company benefit from our revolutionary systems?

Our systems are ideal for the construction industry, as all your design, project and property information can be housed, updated and replicated in one easy-to-use platform. You can manage specifications and design standards, projects and properties, as well as surveys and registers all in one place. It’s a clever three-point solution that is now trusted by 8 of the top 10 retailers in the UK.

Solutions for Software Providers

If you are a software developer or solution provider involved in the planning, construction or management of buildings, a partnership with Elecosoft can give your business the upper hand.

With the IconSystem’s Application Programming Interface (API), you can directly access data held in our system. You can also create one-way or bi-directional data flows that can bring your clients convenience and easy access to their own data.

By upgrading your offering to utilise our API, you can show clients value for money with an integrated development for property data management.

Solutions for Service Providers

If you’re in the property or construction serving industries, such as architecture, design, planning, quantity surveying, shopfitting, etc., now there’s no need to overload your email or network system with every piece of client data. Instead, the IconSystem offers total information collaboration, so you can access your client data stored on our web-based solution.

By partnering with Elecosoft, you can expand your services and launch a new revenue stream for your business. Our short course gets you up to speed quickly, so you can focus on creating your new solution.

To find out exactly how your business could benefit from a partnership with Elecosoft, contact us today on 01858 468345.