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We have been awarded and recognised for our innovation, which drives the retail industry’s management of data


Our revolutionary new solution, IconBIM, is a ground-breaking development for Revit® Integration Solution. If you use Revit®, you’ll find it extraordinarily useful that we’ve created two key functions: a web-based Family Library, complemented by a Specification Importer.

Full version control means that users are always kept up-to-date. With the Specification Importer, all your schedules show the latest information, again sourced from one central location, ensuring accurate data is made available right from the very start of your BIM process.

For far too long, designers have been forced to sync associated data back into the original 3D model where it doesn’t really belong. What Elecosoft has done is an awesome demonstration of the principle of Internet-enabled design data: the data can reside and be managed in the appropriate place, but is still visible and accessible in the context of the model.

Jim Awe, Chief Software Architect, Autodesk, Inc.

Available as a free download at the Apple, Amazon, Google Play and Microsoft App stores, the IconSystem apps allow you to instantly access Specs & Standards and Projects & Properties on the go.

Top level searching means you easily find projects, spec items, CAD libraries and documents. Room datasheets give you a full list of equipment items for particular rooms, and you can communicate and update staff instantly while out on site or when you’re away from the office.