One Stop Building Information System

The IconSystem is a web-based building information management system which is used from
concept design stages, through construction, fit- out and then for on-going property management.

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 Specs & StandardsProject & PropertiesSurveys & RegistersPopup
App iOSyyAvailable as a free download from the Apple App Store, the IconSystem App allows you to instantly access Specs & Standards information on the go.
App AndroidyyyAvailable as a free download from the Amazon & Google Play app stores. The IconSystem App allows you to access Specs & Standards and Projects & Properties on the go.
IconBIM Revit Add-InyyA web-based family library, complemented by a specification importer that can be used to pull data from the IconSystem, directly into a Revit project.
CAD File DownloaderyyA desktop-based application enabling the bulk-download of CAD files from the IconSystem.
IconCAD AutoCAD Add-InyyA web-based block library that can be used to drag and drop AutoCAD blocks directly into a AutoCAD plan.
Change SystemyEnables specifications to be created, edited or archived with supporting authorisation, approval and sign-off processes. There is a full audit trail, versioning and automatic updates to let your user base know what has changed.
Cost ModelyCreating and manage model costs for various formats and sizes, giving a clear elemental cost build-up that supports multiple build types.
DepartmentsyAccess Specs & Standards information for a section of a retail store, bringing together design, layout, equipment, finishes and specifications in a department view.
Document CollaborationyyyCollaborate and share with your teams using document upload, issue, exchange and notification features. Bulk upload all document formats to our secure multi-level folder structures with full version history.
FormatsyAccess Specs & Standards information for a retail store format, bringing together design, layout, equipment, finishes and specifications in a format view.
Health & Safety ManageryCompilation and management of health and safety information giving instant access to key documents.
Information FormsyyyTrack milestones, facts and figures in real-time using a secure and flexible template accessible by your project teams.
Item DatasheetsyCustomised template fields for each item type ensure the right data is recorded and visible for equipment, doors, finishes, lighting and signage within an IconSystem datasheet.
KPI ReviewyKPI score sheets are used to record performance scores on issues critical to the success of your business together with KPI reporting.
Mail (System)yyyA fully integrated inbox, address book, calendar and task system. Create your own message groups, handle multiple project access requests, invite new users to the site and keep track of your sent items.
Multi Document UploadyyyDrag documents for upload into our file manager, enabling auto revise (based on file naming) together with a supporting file provision. Tag documents and apply a status to allow for easy searching.
Multi Project EditoryUpdate multiple projects in a single project programme using the multi project editor. Manage project team access, updating information forms and the status of your projects.
NotificationsyyyIssue document notifications to system users, creating a trackable system task and an email notification. Documents can be accessed securely via your task link, supporting notes can be issued with your notification and there is full tracking of who has seen what and when.
PolicyyAccess policy statements that apply to multiple formats; typical examples include brand guidelines, developer briefs and health and safety protocols. The policy view is structured to meet your business requirements.
Project Specific SchedulesyyCreate project-specific schedules directly from Specs & Standards information by amending items and quantities to reflect your project. See real-time costs implications together with variances from standard specification.
Property ManageryManage your property portfolio data making it available to system users. Share store numbers, addresses and specific data relating to the property. This may be a data extract from an internal system or managed wholly through the IconSystem.
Registers TabyAn efficient and cost-effective system for recording various types of registers such as asbestos and fire risk assessments. Provision for data capture via the IconSystem interface or by data uploads with system calculations to aid the monitoring of actions based on client criteria.
Reporting TabyyReporting is available in conjunction with all of the IconSystem solutions. Use the IconSystem's generic reporting or we can reproduce existing business reports or create new reports.
Room DatasheetsyAccess Specs & Standards information by room, bringing together equipment, doors, finishes, lighting, signage and generic specifications in a room datasheet view. Designed to ensure accurate implementation of requirements on site.
TasksyyyCreate trackable system tasks with email notification. Issue documents or activity-based tasks, track when they have been viewed and set due dates.
Team TabyyManage users who have access to your project. Grant and deny access requests, apply a project role, access user contact cards and view past users.
Text AlertsyIssue text messages directly from the IconSystem to keep the team up-to-date with urgent alerts in time-critical situations. Promote knowledge and sharing together with tracking who has had what information and when.
VersioningyyyComplete revision control