November 2015: Integrated Computing & Office Networking Limited Turns 20

We’re proud to be celebrating two decades saving our clients time and money – with a retail property data management solution that’s light years ahead.

Turning 20 means more to us than the chance to celebrate with cake (although we did enjoy it). Our success and longevity in business is a result of sticking to our original promise to ourselves. Right from the start, we committed to deliver difference, innovation and solutions.

The idea was born

Our founder Chris was working for an architectural firm when he began playing with the concept of a totally unique way of managing design specifications. Because it was previously so difficult to manage and update specifications, he was motivated to draft and create designs of what is now the IconSystem.

As an innovation that removed the hassle, inconvenience and cost of data entry and replication, retailers like ASDA and Sainsbury’s soon saw how much easier it would be to communicate, update and store retail property information.

Icon timeline final

20 years on

Now, with three innovative solutions as well as mobile and digital applications, we’re still delivering the difference. Recently we hosted our Industry Forum which offered our clients the opportunity to share breakthrough thinking and best practice.

The country’s top retailers collaborated to discuss the latest in data control, cost modelling and overcoming challenges in property information management.

Elecosoft works for the UK’s best

Practices shared at the Industry Forum demonstrated how integrated the IconSystem is with retailers’ needs – and how collaborative the process and service is.

“We’re only a small team, so Elecosoft assisting us in our internal processes and being slick and efficient and helping us in our internal processes is really, really key,” said Kevin Brewster, of Waitrose.”

How ASDA uses it

ASDA’s Senior Manager – Directs Model and Specification, Anne Stubley-Black, knows the value of a structured method of managing all fixture and fitting specifications.

As one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, operating over 500 stores with around 150,000 staff, they required a system that gave them one version of the truth, while keeping an audit trail of all changes externally and internally. At the Industry Forum, we asked Anne to share her observations of the change it introduced.

“The way that the system is set up has allowed us to create these links to other systems, and allowed us to have this one version of the truth, which I’ve always been absolutely keen on.

“It means that all our schemes land accurately, they all land to cost, the number of queries is really low. We’re giving it to the implementation managers and shop fitters on a plate. It makes it so simple for them, and we don’t send any extra information out at all.

“That’s really why there’s just two of us that can do everything in-house. We get people come in from other companies who are amazed that it’s run on one and a half people.”

What’s in a number?

7 of the UK’s top 10 retailers are using our system

20 years on…
6 million+ files
12,000 properties
275,000 projects
6,000+ active users

For more information on why 6,000 retail experts currently use the IconSystem, contact us at