About the client

McCarthy & Stone has been a leading builder of outstanding retirement properties for the past 39 years. They attribute their success not only to the design and quality of their range of retirement homes but also to their policy of applying the latest technologies and software in the build process.

The challenge

To introduce a system that delivers all the capabilities of BIM and beyond.

BIM has become a crucial turning point in the modernisation of the building and construction industry. However, ‘Modernise or die: The Farmer Review of the UK Construction Labour Model’, an independent review of the sector which focussed on the skills, pressures and other constraints that limit housebuilding and infrastructure development in the UK, found that currently there is a significant reality gap when it comes to the industry’s adoption strategy of BIM. The report specifically stresses that “…the industry’s route map to collaboration and high efficiency new delivery models can only be underpinned by BIM and the importance of its adoption cannot be overestimated.”

Our solution

Together, Elecosoft and McCarthy & Stone facilitated the installation of the web-based IconSystem to enable it keep up with the demand for consistent and accurate data. The IconSystem is fully integrated and introduces methodologies to the company that enable McCarthy & Stone to bring together a mass of BIM-based construction data into one, easy-to-use platform. The platform allows the company to plan, implement and deliver a fully-integrated BIM based build program, which ensures that McCarthy & Stone will benefit to the full from the comprehensive application of BIM technologies in a project.

Over the past 14 months, Elecosoft’s IconSystem, referred to by McCarthy & Stone as ‘Datum’, was tailored specifically for the company using the Specs & Standards and Projects & Properties solutions, and has been rolled out across almost every department in their business. After rigorous testing, all construction data is now housed in a single robust, trustworthy IconSystem that can be accessed by all employees and external consultants. Over 650 people, including McCarthy & Stone board members, have been trained to use Datum across nine regions. To manage the change in processes, Ridgeline Consulting worked with the Elecosoft and McCarthy & Stone teams to ensure that every organisation involved bought into the IconSystem and fully understood the benefits to them individually as well as each organisation as a whole.

As a consequence, McCarthy & Stone is the only house builder in the UK to fully realise the potential of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and has developed a vital technical partnership with web solutions software developer Elecosoft.