The Iconsystem has benefited Sainsbury’s Property Division by allowing us to centralise our information to allow us to have consistent onsite delivery. It gives our contractors access to one version of the truth, removing ambiguity. Before the introduction of the Specs & Standards application the information was spread around various contractors and internal databases with no clear ownership. Without the system, it would be impossible to accurately track changes and the associated costs which these can incur.

Clive Proctor – Specifications Manager

About the client

Sainsbury’s is one of the UK’s largest supermarkets, operating over 1,200 supermarkets and convenience stores with around 161,000 colleagues.

Sainsbury’s puts their customers at the heart of everything they do and invest heavily in their stores, colleagues and various channels to compete in an extremely competitive market. Their strong culture and values are integral to their success.

The challenge

To store, communicate and manage Sainsbury’s Specs & Standards information – both internally and across their varied contractor base.

As part of this, there were some key challenges to address, such as keeping their many stakeholders updated in real-time. Because of the complex nature of Sainsbury’s store design and specification, keeping stakeholders updated required a robust and reliable communication system.

Our solution

With the IconSystem Specs & Standards Solution, Sainsbury’s have successfully managed their new store specifications for over 10 years, with the system now holding over 4,200 individual specifications. 

Sainsbury’s required a system that would give them greater confidence in the accuracy of the information being shared in real-time, both in terms of day-to-day management of new stores and the rollout of new developments.

We developed key features to manage large volumes of specification, while providing a dynamic and flexible system to meet Sainsbury’s future needs. Although the system launched in 2005, these key guiding principles remain integral to our service and delivery today.

Our dedicated Sainsbury’s team manage and update their specifications on a daily basis. Because we act as an extension of the Sainsbury’s Property Division, we work closely with internal stakeholders to provide a seamless and efficient service. They support Sainsbury’s by continually assessing the efficiency of the IconSystem for their use and advise on the best possible route to optimum use.

Sainsbury’s now has confidence in the accuracy of information both internally and externally.