“Our purpose-built Specs & Standards website from Elecosoft is invaluable to our colleagues and contractors. All our specification information, associated costs and AutoCAD blocks and Revit Families are stored in one place and are accessible both in head office and on site. This means we have consistently implemented our schemes within budget as per our model requirements.
The system and data stored in it is quick and easy to update, ensuring our information is always precise and aligned to the latest model changes. Having specific user permissions allows us to control the level of access to the system by job role. Automated updates to users mean everyone is aware of changes, as they are actioned.

In short, the system allows us to have one accurate, up-to-date version of the truth accessible to everyone who needs it. Without the system, our jobs would be much more difficult, our work more time consuming and scheme implementation inconsistent.”

Anne Stubley-Black – Senior Manager – Model & Specification

About the client

ASDA is one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, operating over 500 stores with around 150,000 staff.

In July 1999, ASDA became a subsidiary of US retail company Walmart. Their market position and promotions focus mainly on price and put customer value at the heart of their operations.

The challenge

To introduce a structured method of controlling all fixture and fitting specifications for new ASDA stores.

As well as managing their specifications in a structured environment, ASDA required a system that gave them one version of the truth, while keeping an audit trail of all changes that could be shared with both internal and external users. This would mean they are completely up-to-date with the latest specifications.

Our solution

After 12 years with the IconSystem, ASDA maintains a totally consistent brand identity for stores, while managing and minimising costs.

Originally, the system was based on the 40,000 square foot model ASDA store. Today, they manage 17 different store formats.

By using our Specs & Standards solution, ASDA are able to benchmark their costs and measure savings as changes are made to specifications. The solution allows information to be added to the system once, even if it’s used in many different locations, saving time and resource management required for information updates.

ASDA have been able to closely manage their costs and use the system’s security setup to limit the information that users can see. This means only users that need to see costs have access. Teams access the system to carry out many different functions such as procurement, fixture management, store planning, construction management, architecture, supply and quantity surveying.

ASDA now has a system that is cost effective, allows them to share consistent and reliable information, and ultimately saves time and money when designing new stores.